I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UTAH June 5, 1987 by my late Father David Richards Moffitt and my Mother Shauna Lundberg Merrill. I enjoyed an amazing childhood filled with neighborhood friends, tropical vacations, sports and extreme sports and everything a kid could ever want (except a go-kart but I'm grateful for the lesson). 

I learned about hard work at the young age of 15 as I would help my dad with his garage door installation and repair company. I worked hard through high school so that I could afford one of my biggest hobbies of modifying and driving cars. Raised in Utah religion was a large part of my life growing up and after graduating from Riverton High School in 2005 I eventually went on to serve a 2 year mission in Phoenix, Arizona speaking Spanish for the church that I was a part of (yes Mormon). 

After my mission I spent some time in some odd jobs one of my favorites had been working at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah. In my time there I saw some life flight helicopters practicing maneuvers and was so intrigued that I decided that there was no reason I couldn't fly one myself. 

I went to college at Utah Valley University and studied Aviation Science and Economics so that I could get $100K+ in funding to pay for flying choppers. 

I ended up taking a summer sales job in 2014 selling home automation to help pay for my flight school and was again intrigued by the potential of sales and entrepreneurship. I finished flight school while I continued to do door-to-door sales mostly in the Solar industry in Arizona where I lived for around 2 years.